Podcasts (Audio)

  • Panitch Schwarze Partner, Fred Tecce, discusses lawsuit filed by Goldman Sachs Ex-Programmer // February 19, 2015
    Fred Tecce and Bloomberg Law's, June Grasso, discuss the case of a former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. computer programmer who filed a malicious-prosecution lawsuit against FBI agents who helped send him to prison for a year before his conviction was reversed.  Read more

  • Panitch Schwarze Partner, Fred Tecce Discusses Suit against Ferrari and Facebook Over Fanpage // October 22, 2014
    Fred Tecce and University of San Diego law professor, Lisa Ramsey, discuss a lawsuit filed by a Swiss father and son against Ferrari and Facebook with Bloomberg Law.  Read more

  • Panitch Schwarze Partner, Fred Tecce, Discusses Crackdown on IP Theft from Financial Firms // July 24, 2014
    Bloomberg Law and partner, Fred Tecce, discuss crackdown by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office on Intellectual Property theft from financial firms Read more

  • Attorney Fred Tecce Discusses Heavy Metal Band Motley Crue Winning A Lawsuit // March 6, 2014
    Panitch Schwarze Belesario & Nadel attorney Fred Tecce discusses heavy metal band Motley Crue winning a trade secret lawsuit for their drum solo. Read more

  • Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel Attorney Fred Tecce, Discusses the Ability To Trademark The Word "Candy" // February 27, 2014
    Can a video game company trademark the word "Candy?" Read more

  • Discussion Over High Court Ruling On Police Dog's Sniff of Car With Attorney Fred Tecce and Bloomberg News // February 24, 2014
    Bloomberg News and attorney Fred Tecce discuss police dogs and searches without warrants in recent high court rulings. Read more

  • Attorney Fred Tecce Discusses Lawsuits Over Claim That Budweiser Beer is Watered Down // February 24, 2014
    Trademark attorney, Fred Tecce, discusses Anheuser Busch's trade secrets lawsuit against former employee and the class action suit against Budweiser beer. Read more

  • Bloomberg News Interviews Fred Tecce about Patent Litigation Changes in 2011 // May 25, 2012
    Attorney Fred Tecce provides overview of patent litigation and law changes and updates including the America Invents Act. Read more

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